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Interesting Topics to Talk About With a Guy on Discussion



Guys are progressing with a lot of facilities to acquire for innovating themselves. They are ahead to defy women as they are physically bold. So, guys must not be cowards and weak in nature.  Topics for men must be interesting and attractive as well. Girls should know how to choose the best topics to ask their male partners.

Topics To Talk About With a Guy

Currently, young boys are much more curious to have updates about new openings in the job market. They have to earn bucks to prove self-reliance. Unlike women, they must have a good source of income to run families. In case, matured man has no job to do, he is socially neglected. People will not look at him due to low social status. Therefore, guys are seen searching the internet to find the best options to have offers from top companies.

Even before dating or marriage, girls ask boys about financial strength. Career-related issues are broached up a discussion forum. What is the best job for a man?  Or, is it his desire to become a successful businessman?  Right now, home-based money earning options are very glossy for people. They are seen taking assignments or projects from overseas clients to complete. Topics over the BPO and KPO must be valuable to educated men.  Enquires are based on brain drain, overseas working ambiance, and basic opportunities to go abroad for financial establishment.

#1 Topics to Talk About with a Guy – Romance

Well, romance is the hot and spicy component to ignite a man speedily. If he is a college boy, he can’t prevent himself from dating.  It is one of the most classic topics to discuss. Who is the dream girl –Sunny Leone? Whom don’t you prefer? Who to choose for growing dating? All these small questions must boost up dudes to find answers. To a girl, romance is serious but what about man? It is not as simple as you think to give an answer.  Many questions can be prepared to ask a boy about his vision to date. Online media is becoming popular for crazy youngsters.  It is a very fantastic thing for anyone to participate. Naturally, adolescent boys are overwhelmed to hit social media sites for the live conversation. Current and updated events about dating must entice guys.

#2 Topics to Talk About with a Guy – Sports

Sports, outdoor activities, and online games are stimuli to encourage men to spend their time. Their personal involvement with sports world and games is certainly appreciable. Football is the favorite sport for a boy who likes to play football. Similarly, many guys opt for the indoor games like table tennis. Today,  sports bring both money and popularity to professional sportsmen.  Big companies invest money in sponsorship and ads campaigns. It stands to reason, men who are eager to be good sportsmen must be happy to make comments on topics in this connection.

#3 Topics to Talk About with a Guy – Movies

If dating is inseparable of life, the movies are something to change the mood of guys. People find extra stamina and driving force for watching movies. The silver screen industry depends on people who have the habit to buy tickets to go to the cinema halls to see their actresses. The large industry is interlinked with this entertainment world. Mainstream commercial movies lure dudes. Without colorful snapshots of sexy heroines, romantic stories seem to be dull with the dross of lackluster. Obviously, male groups are enthusiastic to draw the attention of ladies by bringing bank of information and tips on celebrities. Top hot actresses of Hollywood and Bollywood post their profiles on Facebook. It is a pleasurable expedition to navigate on this type of free social media portal.

#4 Topics to Talk About with a Guy –  Terrorism

The world in which you live and grow is affected by global insurgency; ISIS militants do massive raids on people. Terrorism has no overnight solution.  The Syrian president has been harassed by rebels. Putin deployed the army to protect Assad in Aleppo.  ISIS occupied Mosul in Iraq. They are nomads and powerful to destroy cities with bombs.  America and Russia are planning to wipe out all ISIS rats to ensure pacification in ME.  So, experts write articles and blogs about terrorism.  Men have an interest in going through news headings on global vandalism. Racial profiling in Africa makes people serious to know about the pathetic condition of citizens residing in this continent. Have remarkable topics to invite boys to explain the situation in nations ridden in bullets and gunpowder.

#5 Topics to Talk About with a Guy – Economy and Business

Apart from politics, games, romance, and movies, the eyes of educated guys fall on the breaking news headlines regarding currency replacement. Indian government changed or replaced old 500 and 1000 rupees currencies. Newly printed notes of 2000 and 500 rupees have been launched in the market of India. What is the impact of such a drastic step to withdraw old currencies? This topic is informative and guys ask their friends to have good answers.


Over 10000 events take place every day in the world. The advent of Trump to lead America must be an important fact to force people to evaluate the political condition. South Sea issue will be analyzed by those who try to measure the diplomatic relationship between China and America.  Cold War can occur if North Korea, South Korea and neighboring countries of China cross the barriers to starting military exercises to heat up Sprightly Island in the South Sea.  Online sites flash news headings on this topic as well. Guys feel excited to join debates and discussions on social, political and economic issues.

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